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The Guido Craveri Collection
of U.S. 1847 Postal History

Carriers and Locals
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Lot 1143
1847, 5¢ grayish brown (1a), large margins to touched at lower right, distinctive pale shade and clear impression, used with Boston Mass., 1¢ blue on pelure (3LB1), ample to large margins, and tied together by bold red "Boston 5 cts 5 Sep" c.d.s. on 1849 folded letter to Deposit, N.Y.; 5¢ with tiny tear at top, carrier with usual gum toning and tear at left, Very Fine appearance, rare and desirable with both stamps tied together in this manner.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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Lot 1144
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), margins to cutting, late impression, tied by black grids, on white envelope to North Brookfield with Boston Mass, 1¢ blue on pelure (3LB1), margins to touched, tied by pen stroke and red "Boston 5 cts 3 Oct." c.d.s.; cover with light wear, 5¢ with corner creases at lower right and 1¢ toned, otherwise Fine.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500
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Lot 1145
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), large margins except clear at bottom left and barely in top right, attractive shade and very fine impression, tied by red "Schenectady N.Y. Aug. 13" c.d.s. on 1849 folded cover to New York City with "U.S. Mail, New York N.Y.", 1¢ black on rose (6LB9) tied by second strike of postmark, repeated again at lower left; lettersheet with some pinholes at top not affecting adhesives, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 15,000 - 20,000


The sender probably intended the carrier stamp to pay the delivery fee from the New York post office to the street address. Although canceled, this only confirms its origin, not whether the New York office accepted it as payment; however the lack of any notations or due markings suggest the carrier department may have been flexible in this regard.

Part of the remarkable "Cleveland album"- an old-time accumulation of postal history first offered by Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, this usage was completely unknown to students prior to that sale (November, 1994).

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Lot 1146
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), large margins to clear at top, fine impression, tied by bold manuscript "X" and blue grid on 1850 folded letter with beautiful strike of "Blood's Despatch" double line circle in black, blue "Philada. Pa. 5cts Nov. 5" c.d.s. beneath it, and addressed to Elizabethtown, N.J.; stamp with tiny tear at top, Very Fine appearance, superb example of the Blood's company handstamp, seldom seen with the 1847 issue.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: 2000 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1147
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), large margins on three sides, in at bottom left, tied by "Philada. Pa. 5 Sep 3" c.d.s. in blue on 1849 folded letter to Princeton, with another strike alongside, over which "Bloods/Despatch/28/So. Sixth" circular handstamp has been applied, stamp slightly toned, fine appearance, excellent example of this Bloods' handstamp, which is very rare in combination with the 1847 issue.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: 2000 P.F. Certificate.
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