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1857 Issue
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Lot 37

1857, 1¢ blue, type II (20), plate 2 horizontal pair, used with 3¢ dull red (26), cancelled by matching circular grids on 1861 cover to Cape of Good Hope, "Richmond N.Y. Jun 18" c.d.s. (partly enhanced) and red "New-York Br. Pkt. Jun 19" exchange c.d.s., attempted prepayment of the 5¢ British open mail rate to England only (total rate was 33¢ to the Cape), manuscript "1/2" due rating for 1 shilling 2 pence, red rimless "Capetown Au 3 1861" arrival backstamp; some restoration, Very Fine appearing, a rare destination for the 1857 1¢ blue.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000

Expertization: 2006 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 38

1857, 10¢ green, types II-III (32-33), vertical combination pair, used with 1851 1¢ blue, type II (7), cut in, all tied by "Richmond Va. Aug 3 1857" c.d.s. on cover to Paris, France at the old 21¢ American packet rate via England (reduced to 15¢ French mail eff. 4/57), red "New-York Am. Pkt. Aug 15" exchnge c.d.s., carried on Collin's Baltic from New York to Liverpool, G.B. accountancy handstamp, Calais (8.29) entry c.d.s. and "10" décimes due rating, Paris (8.29) arrival backstamp, Very Fine.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000
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Lot 39

1857, 12¢ black, plate I (36), horizontal block of six, tied by "New York Mills, N.Y. Jun 15" c.d.s. on 1858 orange cover to Flintshire, Wales prepaid for three-times the 12¢ treaty rate, disallowed by New York exchange office as only 2-times and 4-times rates were allowed, black "New-York Am Pkt Jun 19" c.d.s. with rare black "84" debit (Winter 326) and framed "Short Paid" handstamp, carried on Vanderbilt's "North Star", manuscript "4/-" shillings due rating, red London (7.1) and Wrexham (7.2) backstamps, original 1858 letter enclosed; horizontal cover fold affects top stamps, cover restoration, still a Very Fine and rare use of a block.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000

Provenance: Hill
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Lot 40

1859, 12¢ black, plate III (36b), a stunning horizontal pair, exceptionally well centered within large margins, tied by red "Phila. Am. Pkt. '3' Nov 2" integral credit exchange datestamp on cover to London, England, pair additionally tied by red "London Paid NO 19 60" arrival c.d.s.; small cover tear upper left corner, a Very Fine usage.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000


Expertization: 2004 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: White, Knapp
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