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Lot 574
Airmail Booklet Lot, BKC3//23, 19 booklets, mostly different including BKC4 (2), BKC5 (2), BKC6, etc., appears to be all original gum never hinged, F-VF.
Scott $538
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Lot 575
Cigar and Snuff Tax Paids, series 123-125 cpl collections neatly mounted in two albums, 157 different cigars, and 66 different snuff, without gum as issued. F.-V.F.
Estimate 100 - 150
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Lot 576

Collection of Complete Unexploded Booklet Panes, 1914-1960s, over 40 booklets, mostly pre-1940, virtually all different, while there is sure to be a creased cover or two, or a minor fault, looks to be almost all F-VF.
Scott $2,400+
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Lot 577
Commem collection of over 100 plate blocks, 1923-1944, including 2¢ reds 704-15, 859-93, 909-21, etc., original gum some never hinged, few faults, generally F-VF. Cat. approximately $1,100.
Estimate 150 - 200
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Lot 578
Hunting Permit stamps, small dealer stock RW6//RW58, about 100 stamps, generally 1-5 of each, including a few unused, mixed condition but mostly serviceable.
Scott $1,400 approximately
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Lot 579

Michigan State Revenues, 1977 Public Access stamps, 10 sheets of 10, 1976 and 1977 Trout and Salmon stamp 15 sheets of 10 of each, Very Fine.
Scott $4,000
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Lot 580
Minnesota Duck Prints, 10 different, 7, 8, 10-14, 16-18, by the following artists: G. Moss, J. Gross, B. Jarvi (?), R. Von Gilder (?), R. Hautman, J. Hautman, K. Daniels, R. Hautman, P. Scholer, E. Durose, Very Fine in original folders. Retail $1,874.
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Lot 581
Modern postal cards, 1996-2008 (UX261a//UX553a), in original USPS packaging, all sealed but one, 10 different plus four duplicates, two are with First Day cancels.
Scott $405
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Lot 582
Plate Block Collection, generally 1920-1940, mounted in three albums, including 343, 534, 548-549, 557, 614-615, 617-18, 631-42, 2¢ reds appear complete, 704-15, 740-49, 756-65, 833 (3), 859-93, C7-12, C19-24, etc., few scattered flaws but largely F-VF, most never hinged (checked the best and reduced cat value a bit for any missed hinged), clean collection.
Scott $5,500 approximately Estimate 1,000 - 1,500
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Lot 583
Railroad topical, many 100s of Railroad/Train ephemera, including 100s of vintage ads (appears to be mostly 1950s and 1960s) in five large (heavy) binders, few hundred small cards, mostly in sets including cigarette cards, plus photos, picture postcards, tickets, coupons, additionally there are several hundred RR topical stamps in a stock book, 100s more in envelopes, including mint sets, FDCs, etc., should be quite entertaining for the RR aficionado or Ebay seller.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 584
Revenues on documents, an accumulation of over 1,000 pieces, mostly cancelled checks, including a few hundred 1860s-1870s, several hundred 1880s-1900, including over 300 with Battleship revenues, some revenue stamped paper, perhaps 100 store receipts with revenues, mostly 19th century plus approximately 30 old photos with revenues, while there is quite a bit of duplication, there is also a good variety.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 585
West Virginia State Tax, W17, 19, Wine mark-up paid, 25.6 and 32, 5 sheets of 100 of each.
Scott $6,500 as singles
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