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The George Kramer Collection
of "Across the Continent" Maritime Usages

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Lot 76
"Honolulu Island of Oahu Hawaiian Islands, Sept. 19th 1847", dateline on well-written folded letter from Chief Justice William L. Lee to W.H. Davis, Davisville, Pa.: " Since Mr. Ricord's departure for California I have to act as the great luminary at law in this kingdom, though I am nothing more than a farthing candle. My labors and responsibilities are very heavy and I make every exertion to master the task," etc." Endorsed Per Ship 'Tiger'" this went around Cape Horn and entered U.S. mails at New Bedford, Mass. with red Mar. 13th c.d.s. and matching "Ship" handstamp and manuscript. "12", Very Fine. Over ten years, until his death in 1857 Chief Justice Lee wrote or rewrote much of Hawaiian law. His closest friend, Charles Reed Bishop (mentioned in the letter as sending "much love" to Davis) eventually married Pavahi, a granddaughter of Kamehameha, and founded the Bishop Estate, two Lee letters which relate to this one can be found in Vol. 2 of The Honolulu Advertiser Collection.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500
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Lot 77
San Francisco Cal. Nov. 1, clear c.d.s. on buff, cover to New York with matching "80" in box handstamp, portion of tiny manuscript." (Ho)nolulu" at lower left and manuscript. "Per mail steamer from San Francisco" along left edge; cover with small faults, none effecting markings, Fine, very scarce double rate handstamp.
Estimate 200 - 300
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Lot 78
Honolulu, Hawaiian Is./June, 4 1851, clear strike of straightline postmark on envelope to Parsippany, N.J., partly struck "San Francisco Cal. 1 Jul" c.d.s. in red with matching "Paid" and "12", postmarked on the First Day of the New 6¢ Transcontinental Rate, this being a double rate, manuscript. "Via Panama" at left; light edge toning, still Very Fine.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

Provenance: Knapp

An important and desirable example of this rare postmark and the latest known use.

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Lot 79
13¢ Blue, "Hawaiian Postage" (3), type I, ample to large margins except touched along top, small piece out at upper left, tied by red "U.S. /Postage Paid" in oval handstamp, matching "* Honolulu * U.S Postage Paid Apr. 26" c.d.s., on envelope to Nashua, New Hampshire, red "San Francisco Cal. 16 May" c.d.s. and matching "Paid" and "8" in circle (2¢ ship captain's fee + 6¢ U.S. rate), docketing at left: "Recd from Mr. Wilcox June 15th/52. written on board the Esther May."; stamp with some gum soaks at lower left and upper left and blue pencil touch ups in these areas, cover with minor wrinkling at edges, Fine;.
Estimate 75,000 - 100,000


Expertization: 1995 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Fitzpatrick, Honolulu Advertiser

The sender was Abner Wilcox, a teacher at the Waioli Select School, who visited the U.S. in 1851 with his son, returning to Kauai on Apr. 4
, 1852. The letter was evidently written en route to Hawaii aboard the Esther May, and carried back to the U.S. on the Noble, which sailed from Honolulu on April 27th.
This cover was discovered by Floyd W. Fitzpatrick approximately 100 years after the cover was mailed.

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Lot 80
13¢ Blue, "H.I. & U.S. Postage" (4), type I, three huge margins and just clear on the fourth side, tied by one of two bold strikes "* Honolulu * U.S Postage Paid Apr. 23" c.d.s. on envelope to Troy, N.Y., red "San Francisco Cal. 16 May" c.d.s. and matching "Paid" and "8" in circle (2¢ ship captain's fee + 6¢ U.S. rate), manuscript "Paid" and sender's instruction "Via San Francisco"; stamp with the usual faults endemic to the fragile paper on which the issue was printed, suberbly restored, an Extremely Fine usage.
Estimate 100,000 - 125,000

Expertization: 2003 P.F. certificate.

Provenance: Harris, Haas

We can surmise from the postmarks, April 23 at Honolulu and May 16 at San Francisco, that this cover was carried on the same ship, the Noble, as was the cover in the preceding lot.

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Lot 81
12¢ Black, diagonal half used as 6¢ (17a), upper left half, ample margins, used with single Hawaii 5¢ Blue on thick white wove paper (5), ample margins to clear, both tied by fancy segmented cork cancel on front only to Albany, N.Y., red "Honolulu *Hawaiian Islands* Jl,y 3" c.d.s. with matching "12" and magenta manuscript "Ship", bisect disregarded and the transcontinental rate of 6¢ considered unpaid (10¢ + 2¢ ship captain's fee), carried on the ship Boston, which left Honolulu July 4, 1853, portion of contents remain on back along with a note written at a later date: "Honolulu June 25, 1853", making this the earliest known usage of the 5¢ Boston Engraved, Fine.
Estimate 10,000 - 15,000

Expertization: 1997 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Caspary, Peitsch

A unique mixed franking and one of only two known bisects from Hawaii, the other being on a small piece.

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Lot 82
Honolulu *U.S. postage paid* Oct. 8, clear c.d.s. in red, on orange cover to Charles Gulick in Westfield, Mass. with large "Paid/8/Ship" handstamp at left, matching "San Francisco Cal. 1 Nov." c.d.s., docketing states states this was received Dec. 5, 1853, Very Fine.
Estimate 750 - 1,000

Provenance: Haas
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Lot 83
3¢ Rose red (11), horizontal pair, margins to cutting, tied by "San Francisco Cal. 16 May" c.d.s. on ca. 1854 cover from Hawaii to New Bedford, Mass., nice clear strike of "BARK 'FANNY MAJOR'" straightline and bold "R. Coady & co./Commission/Merchants/Honolulu,/H.I." in circle, additional "Forwarded By/G.B. Post & Co./San Francisco" octagon handstamp; pair with small corner crease at upper left, cover with small restoration to corners at lower left and upper right; Fine.
Estimate 4,000 - 5,000


Provenance: Emerson
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Lot 84
5¢ Blue and 13¢ dark red on thick white wove (5, 6), each ample margins to slightly in, 13¢ with repair at top left, tied together by clear red "Honolulu *U.S. Postage Paid* May 27" c.d.s. on 1856 folded letter to Sally Pitman in Boston, with U.S. 12¢ Black (17), large margins to cutting, tied at left by "San Francisco Cal. 26 Jun" c.d.s.; latter stamp with some toning and small repair at bottom right corner, still Fine.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000

Expertization: Signed Ashbrook.

Provenance: Gibson, Kapiloff

The Hawaiian stamps paid the full 17¢ rate (5¢ Hawaiian postage, 10¢ U.S. transcontinental rate, 2¢ ship captain's fee), with 1¢ overpayment. The increase in the transcontinental rate from 6¢ to 10¢ in April 1855 rendered obsolete the 13¢ Kamehameha's original purpose, though official correspondence still extant indicate the 13¢ stamps were available at reduced rates in this period. In mailing, it was the custom to include U.S. stamps, and, though the 12¢ 1851 was not necessary, the few existing covers are nearly all mixed frankings. This cover is closely related to the three covers from B. Pitman, postmaster of Hilo to W.R. Post at Sag Harbor in Dec. 7, 13 and 23, 1855. The last shows the 12¢ tied by the Honolulu datestamp and confirms the U.S. stamp was affixed in Hawaii; students have assumed this continued with the Sally Pitman cover.

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Lot 85
5¢ on 13¢ Dark red (7), type II numeral with short flag, ample to large margins at right and bottom, just in at top and left, uncancelled, on June 27, 1857 folded letter with 12¢ Black (17), ample to huge margins including bottom sheet margin, to Adamsville, Rhode Island, partial red "Honolulu *U.S. Postage Paid* June 27" c.d.s. and manuscript "12", U.S. stamp tied by neat "San Francisco Cal. Jul. 20, 1857" datestamp; 12¢ stamp with faint small tone spot, provisional with pinhole, Fine and very attractive example of this rare franking, one of only 17 recorded usages. This was carried on the Fanny Major.
Estimate 15,000 - 20,000

Provenance: Rohloff
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Lot 86
12¢ Black (69), tied by cogwheel cancel of San Francisco on patriotic from Hawaii to New York, uncommon small Eagle and Shield design in gold, red and blue, with caption, red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Jan 14" c.d.s. and Feb. 12, 1863 double circle San Francisco postmark, neat docketing at lower left; cover slightly reduced at right, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000

Provenance: Paliafito, Haas

Civil War patriotics used from Hawaii are extraordinarily rare. An example in the Honolulu Advertiser Collection has an identical design, which suggests these envelopes were on sale in Honolulu.

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Lot 87
10¢ Green, type V (35), tied by twice struck grids, matching "Greenport N.Y. Jun. 18" c.d.s. on Union Patriotic to Honolulu, Flag and Cannon design at left, "Our Compromise", addressed to a Capt. Wm. Beebe, "On Board Brk. Alice of Cold Spring"; stamp with small faults, Very Fine appearance.
Estimate 500 - 750
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Lot 88
3¢ Rose (65), target cancel, just tied on undated cover to the Barque Vineyard at Lahaina, clear "Holmes Hole Mass. Aug. 26" c.d.s. with "6" changed to "7" in pen, partly clear "DUE 7" handstamp of San Francisco, red pencil "14c" above it; cover with tiny edge repairs at TR and BR, Very Fine appearance. If this was mailed in 1862, the Due 7 is for part payment of the 10¢ rate. The 14¢ suggests someone in the Hawaiian post office incorrectly treated this as a part-paid letter from Hawaii (5¢ Hawaiian postage + 2¢ ship fee + 10¢ U.S. minus 3¢ paid). An interesting usage worthy of further research and interpretation.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 89
5¢ Blue, thin bluish wove (9a), position 2 with line through HONOLULU, four margins used with U.S. 12¢ black (69) and both tied by cogwheel cancel on cover to Perry, Ohio, 5¢ additionally tied by " San Francisco Cal. Jun 3, 1862" double circle, bold strike of "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid May 16" postmark. at far left; cover lightly cleaned, 5¢ with small tear at lower right and 12¢ with pulled perforation at top, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500
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Lot 90
5¢ Blue, thin bluish wove (9), ample to large margins, cancelled by square grid and tied by light strike of "San Francisco Cal Sep. 23, 1864" double circle and framed grid duplex which also ties U.S. 5¢ brown (76) on cover to Perry, Ohio, bold "5" (due) handstamp and additional "FOREIGN" straightline handstamp, clear red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Sep. 6" c.d.s., San Francisco postmark repeated at bottom, U.S. 5¢ with perf faults at top, Very Fine and rare, illustrated in Letters of Gold, p. 337.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000

From Sept 17 to November 11, 1864, due to a misinterpretation of new U.S. ship letter regulations by U.S. and Hawaiian postal authorities, the 10¢ contract ship rate was applied to Hawaiian mails in error.

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Lot 91
5¢ Blue, thin bluish wove (9), ample to huge margins including bottom sheet margin, tied by large target on cover to Sutton N.H., additionally franked with U.S. 3¢ rose (65) and 2¢ black (73) tied together by cogwheel cancels of San Francisco, June 6 postmark. to left of 5¢ and red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid May 23" c.d.s.; cover with mended corner nicks, each stamp with small fault, Fine.
Estimate 4,000 - 5,000

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Lot 92
5¢ blue on blue (22), three overlapping singles, ample to large margins except first and last stamp with outer frame at top just shaved, tied together by targets on cover to Derry, N.H. with U.S. 5¢ brown and 3¢ rose (76, 65, two), paying a triple rate of 26¢ (15¢ Hawaiian postage + 9¢ U.S. + 2¢ ship captain's fee), U.S. stamps cancelled by matching open grid cancels, clear strike of red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Sep. 18" c.d.s. and "Portland Orgn Oct. 17" postmark (U.S. stamps cancelled there), manuscript "Steamer from S.F." at upper left, Sept. 2, 1866 docketing on reverse; cover with some edge wear, opened at right, 5¢ U.S. stampwith pulled corner, Fine. A magnificent and rare usage.
Estimate 25,000 - 35,000

Provenance: Ackerman, Knapp
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Lot 93
5¢ blue on blue (21), two singles, position. 4, 2, from plate 9-A, large margins, tied by bold targets on double rate 1866 cover to Lowell Mass. with U.S. 3¢ rose, 5¢ brown (65, 76), tied by San Francisco cogwheels and bold Apr. 18 postmark, clear red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Apr. 4" c.d.s. at center; corners where stamps were affixed were torn off at an unknown later date, then restored to their original appearance, left with bottom corner repaired, Very Fine appearance. An important and rare mixed franking.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000

Provenance: Knapp, Juhring, Honolulu Advertiser
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Lot 94
5¢ Blue (32), single tied by multi-bar open grid with United States 5¢ brown (76) vertical pair, rich color, just tied at left by Hawaiian/Steam/Service oval in red on Ca. cover to East Hardwick, Vt., bold red "Honolulu U.S. Postage Paid Oct. 5" c.d.s. struck at left with San Francisco postmark above it, pair with faults in right margin, Very Fine usage. Contract mail Service from Hawaii commenced when the California, Oregon and Mexican Steamship Co. began operations with the U.S. Post Office on Sept. 5, 1867.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 95
5¢ Blue (32), two singles, each cancelled by target cancels with segmented center, on cover to Boston additionally franked with United States 5¢ brown (76) each cancelled by negative "US", Honolulu and San Francisco postmarks dated Jan. 26 and Feb. 11 respectively, notes on back dated 1869, stamps with some perf toning, Very Fine double rate usage.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000

Expertization: Signed Ashbrook.
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