Our Services

Building The Collection:

  • Review and analyze the collection
  • Set goals
  • Edit for consistency of condition and elimination of redundancy
  • Appraise for insurance purposes or for potential sale value
  • Study the market for potential purchases
  • Rapid expertizing service for determining if
    potential purchases are in the proper condition
    and are properly valued
  • Serve as agent to evaluate and bid on upcoming auction lots and retail offerings
  • Private Treaty to help locate and purchase or trade items not available at auction
  • Maintain anonymity if desired

Selling The Collection:

  • Advice on how to best present the holding
  • Market analysis to establish effective timing of sale
  • Recommendations on best venues for sale, including our unique sealed bid offerings
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Maintain anonymity if desired

Estate Services:
  • Tax planning
  • Philatelic Executor service
  • Advice to beneficiaries

Harvey Bennett can be reached at info@bennettstamps.com or 617-670-0555

Last modified: June 2, 2016