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The Guido Craveri Collection
of U.S. 1847 Postal History

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Lot 1127
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), single and horizontal pair, mostly ample to large margins except just in at top left of pair and bottom right corner of single, fine impressions, tied together by red grids on ca. 1849 overfranked white envelope to Albany, N.Y., matching "Detroit Mich. Oct. 22" c.d.s.; stamps lifted and put back, single with small scissors cut at bottom right, Very Fine appearance, unusual usage.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: 1989 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1128
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), two horizontal pairs, ample to large margins, clear impression and attractive color, each tied by red "St. Louis Mo. Apr. 19" c.d.s. on 1849 folded cover to New York; each with pressed-out horizontal file crease, Very Fine appearance.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 1129
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), two vertical pairs originally comprising a block, arranged in tête-bêche fashion, ample to large margins except each just in at top, fine impression, tied by black grids, large red "20" rate handstamp (quadruple rate) at right, matching "Boston Mass. 10 Dec." c.d.s. below, on undated folded cover to Howland & Aspinwall in New York; light fold between pairs does not affect either, Very Fine and rare usage.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000

Provenance: Emerson, Hessel, Garrett, Kapiloff, Seven Oaks

Only five covers are recorded with the 20¢ rate paid by 5¢ stamps; the striking format is unique.

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Lot 1130
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), four singles, ample to large margins except two stamps slightly in at bottom, tied together by black grids and red "Paid" handstamp on 1851 folded letter to Eastport Me., red "Boston Mas. Mar. 18" c.d.s. with matching large "20" and 2nd strike of "Paid", additional ms. "Paid" at upper right; first and last stamps with pressed-out file creases, Very Fine appearance, very attractive double rate usage.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000

Expertization: 2000 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1131
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), horizontal pair and two singles, mostly clear to large margins except left single touched or just in at bottom, bright shade and clear impression, tied together by red grids on ca. 1848 folded cover to Charles Wilkes "late commander of the Exploring Expedition" in Washington, red "New Haven Ct. Jul. 8" c.d.s. at left, Very Fine double rate usage.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

From August 1838 to June 1842 Wilkes commanded a squadron of six ships which explored much of the Pacific and eventually reached Antarctica, an area of which is named Wilkes Land in his honor. In November 1861 he was the hero of the hour when his ship, the San Jacinto stopped the British mail steamer Trent and removed two passengers- the Confederate commissioners Mason and Slidell. At the time this cover was sent, he was nearing completion of his book, Western America, including California and Oregon (Philadelphia, 1849).

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Lot 1132
1847, 5¢ brown orange (1b), block of four, ample to large margins except clear to just in at bottom, attractive shade and fine impression, canceled by orange red grids and tied at lower right on partly printed bank notice form to Albany, N.Y., mostly clear "Fredonia N.Y. Apr. 27" c.d.s., this paid double the over 300 miles rate; top left stamp with small surface scrape, still Very Fine. Illustrated in Brookman. The 1847 Issue of United Stamps Postage Stamps, page 23, and The United States Postage Stamps of the 19th Century, Vol. 1, page 29.
Estimate 100,000 - 150,000


Expertization: 1993 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Knapp, Ishikawa

The Alexander census records just two other 5¢ covers with blocks: a pen canceled block of 5 on back of an 1849 folded letter to England from Philadelphia (sold in our "Como" Collection Part II, November 2002), and a block of four with red square grids on a rebacked front to Canada from New York.

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Lot 1133
1847, 10¢ black (2), three singles, position 8, 48, and 46R respectively, ample to large margins except left stamp touched upper right, tied together by multiple strikes of orange red "10" handstamp, matching "Northampton Ms. Jun. 24" c.d.s. on 1848 folded cover paying a six times rate to New York City, manuscript "Paid" at lower left; center stamp with two small scrapes at bottom, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

Expertization: 1971 P.F. Certificate.

10¢ covers from Massachusetts offices other than Boston or Cambridge are difficult to find; this usage is unique. In actuality, we are not aware of any other six times rate cover from any other city or town.

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