Sale 266

The Guido Craveri Collection
of U.S. 1847 Postal History

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Lot 1138
1847, 10¢ black, diagonal half-used as 5¢ (2a), lower right half, large margins, well tied across the cut by red grid and matching "5" rate handstamp, matching "Roxbury Mass. Nov." c.d.s. and "Paid", on 1849 folded letter to Yale College, New Haven, Very Fine and handsome, Illustrated in color in Alexander.
Estimate 20,000 - 30,000


Expertization: 1988 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Caspary

In the celebrated Caspary Collection, there were four 10¢ bisects including a vertical half. The present cover realized the highest price of the four at $1,900.00 (1956).

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Lot 1139
1847, 10¢ black, diagonal half-used as 5¢ (2a), lower left half, margins close to cutting, well tied by red orange grid, matching "Gardiner Me. May 5" c.d.s. on envelope to Brattleboro, Vt., original undated enclosure with birth announcement; bisect with small crease at top, Fine appearing example of this rare usage.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

Expertization: 1967 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1140
1847, 10¢ black, diagonal half-used as 5¢ (2a), lower left half, clear to large margins, well tied by criss-cross pen cancel, on white envelope to Lower Bartlett, N.H., light manuscript. "Ballard Vale Ms. Mar. 13" postmark at upper left; cover with small tears and slight soiling, Fine and rare.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

Expertization: Signed Ashbrook, clear 1998 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Emerson

Ballard Vale received no 1847 stamps of either denomination.

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Lot 1141
1847, 10¢ black, diagonal half-used as 5¢ (2a), lower right half, large margin at right, just in at bottom, uncanceled but effectively tied along cut by offset from blue "5" rate handstamp for an unpaid under 300 miles letter, originally struck in lieu of any stamp, bisect then added, with clear matching strike of "Paid" handstamp and "Concord N.H. Apr. 20" c.d.s. on 1850 folded letter to Boston; very light soiling to lettersheet, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 10,000 - 15,000

Expertization: 1990 P.F. Certificate.

An uncommon example of a letter which documents the transition from unpaid to paid with a bisect. Its uncanceled state is also noteworthy; virtually no bisects are recorded which escaped the pen or obliterator and yet are "tied", in this case by the still wet ink of the rate handstamp.

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Lot 1142
1847, 10¢ black, diagonal half-used as 5¢ (2a), upper right half, ample at top, in at right, well tied by blue grid, matching "Paid" and "Mineral Point Wist. 3 Jun." c.d.s. on 1851 folded letter to the State Superintendent of Schools in Madison; pressed-out vertical file crease, Fine appearance.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000

Expertization: Photocopy of 1975 P.F. Certificate.
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