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The Guido Craveri Collection
of U.S. 1847 Postal History

Foreign Destinations
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Lot 1148
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), ample to large margins, beautiful bright shade and choice impression, tied by blue "10" in circle on 1850 folded letter to Brockville, Canada, matching "Auburn N.Y. Mar. 12" c.d.s., black Queenston exchange postmark. and manuscript. due "11 ½" due, Kingson & Brockville backstamps; cover lightly cleaned, Very Fine and attractive.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Expertization: 1992 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1149
1847, 5¢ dark brown (1a), full to large margins, bold manuscript "X", fine impression, on 1849 folded cover to Toronto, Canada, blue "Auburn N.Y. Mar. 26" c.d.s. and faint red Queenston exchange postmark., black Toronto backstamp; slight cover wear, stamp with tiny corner crease at lower right, Very Fine appearance.
Estimate 750 - 1,000

Expertization: clear 1974 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Wenk
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Lot 1150
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), ample to large margins, bright color on particularly blued paper, tied by blue grid, matching "Palmyra N.Y. Sept 23" c.d.s. on 1850 envelope to Hamilton, Canada West, with "Queentown U.C. Sep 25 1850" circular d.s., manuscript "4½" due, and arrival backstamps of Sept 26, stamp has three tears in various places, cover faulty at left and flap at back missing.
Estimate 500 - 750
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Lot 1151
1847, 5¢ dark brown (1a), ample to large margins, intense shade, tied by red grid, with orange "Cleveland O. Jul 30" c.d.s. (P.F. calls "orange-yellow") on 1848 folded cover to Saint Catherines, Canada, neat red "Queenstown U.C. Aug 1" 1848 circular d.s. and manuscript "4½" due, tiny internal cover tear to right of stamp which does not affect it in any way, Very Fine.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Expertization: 1978 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1152
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), horizontal pair, large margins to touched or just in, tied by matching pen cancels and British transit markings on white 1850 envelope to Egypt, red "Bardstown Ky. Dec. 4" c.d.s at left, originally addressed to London, then reposted to Alexandria, Egypt in Jan. 1851, red "19"credit and manuscript. "2/1" shilling due, straightline "VIA MARSEILLES" applied in England, from Alexandria it was forwarded to Cairo, Fine.
Estimate 30,000 - 40,000


Expertization: 1993 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Kapiloff

When the cover arrived in London, it was reposted, hence the 2/1 due mark, and paid for, as attested to by the British transit mark. The cover must have arrived too late for the next British ship and was marked "Via Marseilles" and apparently put on a French steamer.

Joseph Holt was the Postmaster General of the United States in 1859. He also served as Secretary of War and was the prosecuting judge of Lincoln's assassins. He was from Bardstown, Kentucky, making this the unique 1847 usage from Bardstown.

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Lot 1153
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), large margins to slightly in at left, fine impression, tied by indistinct red "19" credit and bold black "5" in circle on 1850 white envelope to Liverpool, England, red "Hyde Park N.Y. Jun. 18" c.d.s., "Per Steamer via New York" written along top, Liverpool receiving postmark on reverse, Very Fine.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000


Expertization: 1993 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Baker, Kapiloff

Hyde Park received no 1847 stamps of either denomination.

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Lot 1154
1847, 5¢ brown (1), horizontal pair, right stamp dot in "S" variety, large margins to touching at lower right, very fine impression, tied by bold pen cancels on 1848 buff envelope to Liverpool, England, manuscript "Alden N.Y. Oct. 1" postmark at left, endorsed "via Steamer from Boston" at left, "8" pence due handstamp indicating this was carried by private ship rather than by a Cunard vessel, Liverpool/Ship boxed datestamp on reverse; cover with few toned spots in address otherwise Very Fine usage.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: 1990 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: "Patrick Henry"
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Lot 1155
1847, 5¢ brown (1), horizontal pair, margins except just in at upper left, pen canceled, very fine impression, just tied by shilling handstamp on 1848 buff envelope to Liverpool, England, manuscript "Alden N.Y. Sept. 17" postmark at lower left, endorsed "Via Steamer from Boston " at side, carried on the Cunard ship Hibernia, departing Boston on the 20th, America/Liverpool c.d.s. on reverse; cover with toned spot at lower right, Fine and rare.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: signed Ashbrook.

Provenance: Krug, "Patrick Henry"

Alden received no 1847 stamps of either denomination.

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Lot 1156
1847, 5¢ dark brown (1a), horizontal pair, margins to just in at upper right, superb early impression, canceled by bold manuscript "X" with additional squiggles, one tying, on 1847 folded letter to Liverpool, England, greenish blue "Wilmington Del. Nov. 13" c.d.s., "via Boston Steamer" at lower left, carried on the Cunard ship Caledonia, bold black shilling handstamp struck opposite pair, Very Fine usage.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: Photocopy of 1985 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1157
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), ample to huge margins including top sheet margin, fine impression, stitch watermark, just tied by indistinct red grid on Nov. 9, 1850 folded letter from Savannah, Ga. to Nantes, France, clear strike of "New York Oct. 12" Ocean Mail postmark incorrectly dated and struck in black (should be in red), "per Liverpool Steamer at Boston" written opposite stamp, bold red "Colonies &c. Art. 13" handstamp and "15"decimes due mark, British transit and Nantes receiving postmark on reverse; stamp with tiny corner crease at lower right, still Very Fine.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000

Expertization: 1986 P.F. Certificate.

This letter was carried aboard the Cunard ship Canada leaving Boston on Nov. 13th. The clear error of date, confirmed by the contents and backstamps, and the choice of black rather than red ink, make this cover unique.

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Lot 1158
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), ample margins, fine impression, tied by red grid and bit of postmark's rim on 1849 folded letter and prices current to Nantes, France, matching "Savannah Geo. Dec. 14" c.d.s. with stars at bottom and clear "Paid" handstamp, additional "5" in double line circle at far right, endorsed "per Liverpool Steamer at Boston" across top, red "Colonies &c. Art. 13" handstamp, black Calais postmark struck over it, choice and Very Fine, rare. Illustrated in Alexander page 86.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000

Expertization: 1980 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1159
1847, 5¢ red brown (1), ample to large margins, bright handsome shade and sharp impression from the reworked plate, tied by vivid red grids and also tied by blue manuscript. due mark on 1851 folded letter to Rostock, Mecklenburgh, matching "New Orleans La. Jun. 8" c.d.s., "pr. Steamer via Liverpool" written at top, various due marking, carried on the Cunard ship Asia, leaving New York on June 18th, British and German transit postmarks, Very Fine, handsome and rare German States usage.
Estimate 4,000 - 5,000

Expertization: signed Ashbrook, 1999 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 1160
1847, 10¢ black (2), ample to large margins, tied by bold pen strokes on pastel green lettersheet to Stuttgart, Germany, tiny "Naples Ill. 24 Sept" in pen above stamp, closely written contents in German, the letter begun in Quincy on the 21st, paying the over 300 miles rate to New York, "pr. British Mail Steamer via New York & Liverp:" written at top, English and French transit markings including red "Colonies &c. Art. 13" framed handstamp, red crayon "42" (kreuzer) due, additional notations in pen opposite the stamp, Very Fine usage. Illustrated in Alexander in color and on page 932.
Estimate 10,000 - 15,000


Expertization: 1999 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Knapp, Rust, Stollnitz, Sevenoaks

Manuscript postmarks on transatlantic covers are very rare- this is the only such usage with a 10¢ stamp.

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Lot 1161
1847, 10¢ black (2), large margins to touched at bottom, tied by black grids, red "Boston 10 cts. 31 May" c.d.s. on fresh blue lettersheet to Mexico, red "Paid" handstamp and clear "Vera Cruz Julio 28 51" receiving postmark, business contents discuss a shipment of stoves and other goods, Very Fine, attractive and rare.
Estimate 15,000 - 20,000

Expertization: 1979 P.F. Certificate.

One of three covers to Mexico originating in the United States, and the only one with a Vera Cruz datestamp.

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