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South West Africa Postal History

Postage Due Usages
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Lot 4431

1917 (6 Feb.) censored Windhoek local envelope, bearing 1913 1d scarlet, cancelled by Windhoek oval date stamp, along with Transvaal 6d Due for the postage due charge, cancelled by Windhoek single-ring converted German canceller (8.2), Very Fine.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 4432

1918 (20 Mar.) censored stampless envelope from Windhoek to Klein Windhuk, bearing Transvaal 5d violet Due and South Africa 1913 ½d green King's Head pair, cancelled by very fine dark violet Klein Windhuk rubber date stamps, paying the 6d postage due charge, light staining on reverse from removed original sealing tape, Very Fine.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 4433

1919 (25 Aug.) censored, registered envelope from Swakopmund to Lüderitzbucht, bearing 1913 ½d green, 1d red (3) and 2½d deep blue, cancelled by "Swakopmund/S.W. Africa" double-ring c.d.s., along with 1912 2d black and reddish violet Due pair and Transvaal 6d Due, cancelled by "Luderitzbucht/S.W. Africa" double-ring c.d.s. paying 10d postage due charge (with manuscript due endorsement indicating over 2 oz.) and German Swakopmund registration label (with "Deutsch" crossed out) alongside, Very Fine.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 4434
1915-1922 collection of postage due usages, consisting of 33 envelopes and cards, showing a vast range of usages, including underfranked incoming foreign mail (13) and outgoing mail requiring postage due in the recipient country (7), as well as censored and prisoner of war mail — broad study of this very interesting subject with many highly visually-appealing frankings, Fine to Very Fine; also included is a group of three very fine cards showing mixed German South West Africa and South African frankings, including a Transvaal 1d card uprated with a German South West Africa 3pf and South Africa 1d.
Estimate 6,500 - 7,500
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Lot 4435

1923 (2 Jan.) envelope to St. Gallen, Switzerland bearing South Africa 1913 2d purple, used in combination with South West Africa 1923 1d rose-red, cancelled by "Windhoek/S.W.A." bridge-type c.d.s., Very Fine usage, extremely rare combination usage of South African and South West African stamps.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

The first South West African stamps were issued 1 January 1923. In addition to being an extremely rare combination, this was also the second day of their use.

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