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Falkland Islands - Germany
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Lot 4031

Canada 1851, 6d slate violet, laid paper (2), lovely deep shade with pronounced violet tinge, ample to large margins, tied by target cancellation on 1852 folded letter sheet to New York, postmarked "Montreal L.C./OC 13 1852" split-ring c.d.s., "Canada" in arc exchange handstamp, and unframed "Paid" handstamp, all in red, Very Fine.
Scott $2,900 Estimate 2,000 - 3,000

Expertization: 1983 B.P.A. Certificate.
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Lot 4032

Canada 1859, 10¢ brown (17b), tied by barred grid on 1865 envelope to "Dr. J.B. Hunter, Asst. Surgeon 60th Ind. Vols, Thibodeaux, Defenses of New Orleans, Depart. of the Gulf, La.", postmarked "Toronto U.C./JA 30 1865" single arc c.d.s. adjacent, docketed "Recd. at Fort Gaines Ala. Mch 6" at lower left; small perf flaws at right due to extreme edge placement, stll Very Fine. An interesting American Civil War usage.
Estimate 200 - 300
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Lot 4033

Canada 1859, 10¢ deep red purple (17e), deep sumptuous color and peerless impression, tied by perfectly struck target on 1859 envelope to Boston, Mass. via Montreal, postmarked "Granby U.C./DE 5 1859" double arc c.d.s.; couple short perfs at left and blunt perfs at top from scissor separation by, very pretty example of this rare shade.
Scott $900
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Lot 4034

Canada 1868, 12½¢ blue (28), tied by barred oval grid on 1868 envelope to Edinburgh, Scotland (Nov. 22) via Halifax N.S. (Nov. 5), light "Paid Liverpool Br. Packet, 21 No 68" c.d.s. in red, Very Fine example of prepaid Canadian packet rate carried by British packet at no extra charge.
Estimate 600 - 800

When Cunard transferred its Boston sailings to New York and declined to call any longer at Halifax, the British Government, on January 1, 1868, entered into an agreement, with Canada's Inman Line, and later with the Allan Line, to provide all service from Halifax to Queenston. This letter was too late to reach Quebec if posted on the "Moravian" (Oct. 31) and so was sent on to New York. The Cunard packet "China" was to leave on November 4 and travel to Queenston via Halifax. However, because of the First Packet Principle, this letter was sent out of New York on the "City of Cork" on November 3, arriving in Queenston November 20 and Liverpool November 22. Since Inman only had a contract to carry the letter from Halifax to Britain, the letter had a free ride to Halifax and was only charged 12½¢ instead of the usual 15¢ British packet rate.

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Lot 4035

Canada 1868, 3¢ brown red (25), horizontal pair tied by "Montreal/De 16 68" duplexes on shaded all-over Window Glass, Oils and Paints advertising folded letter to Detroit; some light creases and flap at back missing, nevertheless, an appealing cover.
Estimate 150 - 200
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Lot 4036

Canada 1870 two 1¢ a 3¢ and six 6¢ (35 [2], 37, 39 [6]), tied by bold straight-line "Registered" handstamps on 1873 (Aug 5) legal size envelope from Windsor to Bay City, Mich., Windsor c.d.s. on reverse; reduced at both ends, various faults including tears at top (one extending halfway between 6¢ pair), but a spectacular franking at six-times the 6¢ per ½ oz. rate plus 5¢ for registration.
Estimate 500 - 750
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Lot 4037

Canada 1870, 3¢ copper red, perf 12½ (37d), distinctive shade, tied by Halifax "H"duplex, Feb. 15, 1870, on envelope to Newport, Nova Scotia, backstamped Feb 16; a Very Fine example of this rare shade used on cover.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Provenance: Simpson
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Lot 4038

China 1901 (29-30 Jan.) ICP 1c stationery card, bearing stamps of Imperial China, "C.E.F." overprint, Japanese P.O. overprint, Russian "Kitai" overprint and U.S.A. (straight edge) with appropriate c.d.s. of each post office in Tientsin, light crease and usual slight toning, Very Fine.
Estimate 200 - 250
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Lot 4039

Colombia 10c Woman and boy watching plane multicolored (C2), large margins, tied by "Compania Columbiana/de/Navigacioin Aerea/Agencia de Barranquilla" oval handstamp in violet, with postage ½c singles (2) and 5c tied by violet oval Barranquilla datestamp (Mar. 4, 1920) on envelope to Cartagena, with receiver backstamp, Fine.
Estimate 1,500 - 300

Expertization: signed Champion, Bloch and 1981 Friedl Certificate.

Provenance: Boonshaft
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