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U.S Possessions and Miscellaneous Cover Lots
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Lot 181
1899-1970s Guam Postal History Balance, assortment of 60-70 unmounted covers relating to Guam, better include 1899 cover bearing 1¢ 2¢ and 5¢ (1, 2, 5) tied by type 1.6 "San Luis D'Apra, Guam" straightline, 1902 cover bearing 2¢ red (2) block of four, cancelled by type 1.9 "Agana, Island of Guam, Apr 17 1902" c.d.s.; 1901 registered cover bearing 6¢ lake (6) horizontal pair, tied by type 1.9 "Agana, Island of Guam, Nov 30 1901" c.d.s., type 2.3 "Agaña, Guam." irregular circle with manuscript registration number; and 1910 registered cover bearing 15¢ olive green (10) tied by neat "GUAM, GUAM" type 1.12 duplex to German; balance mostly U.S. stamps used from Guam, a good deal of them being naval ships or Apos but also some interesting commercial usages; also includes Guam "Post Office Order No. 3" discontinuing the sale of overprinted U.S. stamps; Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500
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Lot 182
U.S. Possessions Cover and Postal Stationery, over 230 items from Canal Zone, Cuba, Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Ryukyus, Virgin Islands, and other Pacific Islands. Uses from Spanish-American War, to WWII, including censored covers. Also some nice mint stationery, and a remainder block of 20 of 1/2R first issue of Cuba (three stamps showing CORRFOS error).
Estimate 500 - 750
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Lot 183
Beazell FDC, Town, Event and Crosby Balance, Beazell FDC 1933, 3¢ Washington's Headquarters (727), three different; Beazell town name and event covers comprising twelve 1929-31 Geographic Place Names, eleven 1929-31 Hand Drawn Numerals and Geometrics, nine 1929-31 Presidents and Historical Figures, four 1932, Alexandria Va. Masonic Temple Dedication, four Cincinnati, Ohio Union Terminal dedication, 1935 U.S.S. Barry, three 1934 U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1934 U.S.S. Nautilus, 1936 U.S.S. Rail; and Walter G. Crosby First Thermographed Cachets of 3¢ California Pacific Expo (773) comprising three, 773-38b var. and two different #773-41a; Very Fine group.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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Lot 184
State Duck First Day Covers 1990-1997, about 260 FDCs including ten Canadian, all with hand-colored Milford cachets, virtually all different but not complete for the period, unaddressed, fresh and Very Fine, an attractive lot.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000
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Lot 185
U.S. Exchange Office Registry Labels, balance of the A.R.T. Collection, mostly mounted on exhibit pages, approximately 90 covers bearing almost entirely New York registry labels, approximately 25 covers are incoming foreign mail exchanged in New York, various frankings including Banknotes, Columbians, and 1901 Issue, Fine to Very Fine, an excellent collection.
Estimate 2,500 - 3,000
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Lot 186
Machine Cancels, 1891-1930s, mostly mounted collection of more than 1200 covers or cards with machine markings from the American Postal Machine Co. (500+), the International Postal Supply Co. (200+), Doremus (about 100), and smaller quantities from Barr-Fyke, Time-Cummins, Universal, etc. Wide range of cities and types.
Estimate 750 - 1,000
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Lot 187
Small 19th Century Cover Balance, About 20 miscellaneous covers including about ten 3¢ 1861, five C.S.A., three postal stationery entires (one a 10¢ U18 with Steamship cancel); also includes five Great Britain covers. Nothing rare but each cover has a little something extra to recommend it (except the G.B.); condition of the U.S. & C.S.A. is all F-VF.
Estimate 150 - 200
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Lot 188
Postal History Balance, small group of seven covers and three letters, including 1847 5¢ cover from New Haven to Macedon N.Y. (faults), 1861 1¢ (four) use from Philadelphia with interesting content, Express use with Eureka frank and another with Wells Fargo train frank, and Commodore Rogers A.L.S.; some mixed condition, Fine.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 189
1800s-1900s U.S. Postal History Balance, approximately 180 covers from stampless to Presidentials, some better include 1867 usage to France bearing 1851 30¢ 12¢ 3¢ franking (1898 P.F. Certificate), and 1868 usage to France bearing 1867 3¢ & 12¢ F. grill pairs, hinged in place; some faults, F-VF.
Estimate 400 - 500
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Lot 190
19 th and 20 th Century postal history and postal stationery, interesting mixture of about 1,500 covers, picture post cards and entires many of which are used to foreign destinations including 1¢-10¢ Columbian entires and modern air letter sheets. In addition there are many postage due frankings including $1.00 solo usages and about 75 with the ½¢ value #J68. Also spotted was a small, but attractive, group of 3¢ 1861ís on cover with fancy cancels and another group of 20 th century vending machine covers. Some usual mixed condition but mostly F-VF throughout, allow time for viewing as other better items may well be lurking within.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000
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Lot 191
Cover Accumulation, carton with several hundred items, including shoe box of early entires,mostly unused; F.D.C. mainly 1940s-50s with several 1930s including Souvenir Sheets; group of 26-26a on covers plus earlier imperfs with several #10, also small group of U.N. and foreign, generally Fine or better.
Estimate 400 - 600
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Lot 192
U.S. & Foreign Cover Accumulation, three large cartons containing several thousand covers, mostly commerial mail from the late 1950s & 1960s with the foreign representing pictorials and commemoratives from a broad range of countries, also several hundred Bugs Bunny usages, generally F-VF.
Estimate 200 - 300
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Lot 193
Upscale lot of fake covers, selection of eight covers with fake cancels tying genuine stamps: a 5¢ New York Postmaster's Provisional, two 5¢ 1847 and three 10¢ 1847, 3¢ 1851 with fake Canton Miss. Christmas tree (Dec 25) and a 3£ 1861 on a Lincoln Comet patriotic; and two covers with fake stamps (1¢ Grafflin's Despatch (73L1) and C.S.A. 10¢ Frameline); all beautiful covers with the 9X1 and the 1847 covers bearing gorgeous 4-margin stamps (the '47s likely with lightened pen cancels, but no apparently so). A spectacular looking group of covers. Stamps alone, counting as pen cancelled, catalog $3,375.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 194
Dubious Bisects on cover, group of nine dubious or totally bogus bisects comprising a diagonal bisect of a 10¢ 1847 with fake blue Gardiner, Me. town cancel, two-thirds of a 3¢ 1857 used as 2¢ five Blackjacks (four with 1½ stamps used as 3¢), and a C.S.A. diagonal bisect of the 20¢ green used as 10¢ (signed J.A. Fox!). Interesting lot.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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