Sale 318

The "DuBois" Collection
of New Zealand Chalon Heads of 1855-1872

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Lot 2398

1d reddish brown, perf 12½ (SG 132), showing considerable plate wear, tied by Wellington "71" duplex on 1872 (26 Dec.) local envelope, Very Fine 1d town letter rate from the McLean (who may have been the root cause of the Maori Wars) correspondence. Campbell Paterson A1q(2).
Estimate 200 - 300
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Lot 2399

1d reddish brown, perf 12½ advanced plate wear, and 2d vermilion (SG 132a, 133), tied by Hokitika "C/21" duplex on 1873 (24 Sept.) envelope to Melbourne (9.10), cover has small corner fault at top right, Very Fine usage at the 3d per ounce rate to Australia which came into effect on 1 April 1870. Campbell Paterson A1q(4), A2s(4).
Estimate 750 - 1,000
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Lot 2400

2d vermilion, perf 12½ (SG 134), tied by Hokitika "C/21" duplex to pay redirection (5.9) to Ross (6.9) on 1872 (4 June) envelope from Lynn to Hokitika (4.9) bearing Great Britain 6d chestnut plate 11, tied by "488" duplex, small piece at foot and part of flap missing, Very Fine and unusual internal redirected cover. Campbell Paterson A2s(4).
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000

Expertization: 2006 Odenweller certificate.

Provenance: Antipodes
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Lot 2401

6d blue, perf 12½ (SG 135), tied by Christchurch "C" duplex on 1873 (27 Feb.) envelope to Haverford West, Wales (13.5), tiny rusted file holes at left, Very Fine 6d rate cover to the U.K. via Suez and Southampton. Campbell Paterson A5k(2).
Estimate 150 - 200
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Lot 2402

6d pale blue, perf 12½ (SG 136), horizontal pair and single tied by Dunedin "O" duplex on 1872 (4 Sept.) envelope to London (5.11) "via Suez", Very Fine triple rate. Campbell Paterson A5k(3).
Estimate 400 - 600

Expertization: 1988 Holcombe photo opinion.

Provenance: Antipodes
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Lot 2403
The excellent balance of the 1871 watermarked large star issue, comprising perf 10 1d unused (tiny tear but clear 2006 Odenweller Certificate) and used (6, with a pair), perf 10x12½ 1d unused with o.g. and used (7, with two pairs; single with part "(Pos)tag(e)" and Star watermark, 1975 R.P.S.N.Z. Certificate), 2d vermilion (12, three retouched and one with double perf), 6d blue, 6d blue perf 12½ compound 10 on one side (3), and perf 12½ 1d unused (2) and used (8, with nice pre-printing paper crease and strip of three), 2d unused (2) and used (8), and 6d unused (5, all o.g.) and used (12, with strip of three), a few faults but overall Fine to Very Fine.
SG £7,000+ ($8,920)
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