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U.S. and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

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Lot 1086
Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), Italian dictator and Prime Minister (1922-1943), close ally of Hitler, whom he influenced; deposed in 1943. While attempting to evade Allied forces by train, was captured and executed by Italian Communist partisans.

Autograph Letter Signed, 12 Mar 1916, while a private in the army and correspondent for paper, Il Popolo d'Italia, writes to his editor decrying the negligence of Italy's government, "…I think we want a state of siege to give the discipline of victory to the abject common people. And some execution squads…From Rome the order is: Let it be…We will have a rude awakening." card has a reinforced crease; also includes British propaganda parody of the Italian 25c Hitler-Mussolini "Two People, One War" stamp.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 1087
Italy, Four pages including a 1921 Mussolini-addressed cover (damaged) with Popolo d'Italia corner card (the newspaper for which he was a correspondent); three colorful Italian propaganda postcards; a cut signature of Otto Skorzeny, the German SS Commando and former Hitler bodyguard who led the raid that freed Mussolini from prison after he had been deposed; a pre-war document signed by King Victor Emmanuel III; a 1938 Italian picture postcard showing Hitler and Mussolini parading triumphantly through the streets of Rome in a convertible.
Estimate 750 - 1,000
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Lot 1088
Benito Mussolini, signed postal telegram sent in 1944 while in exile to German Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, in part, "One has…to hope for a better year and such it will be thanks to our fighters…to arrive at a victorious conclusion to the war." Also an Italian propaganda postcard featuring a helmeted "Duce" and a facsimile signature.
Estimate 400 - 600
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Lot 1089
Axis - Minor Members and Co-Belligerents, Five pages featuring stamps, covers and autographs from Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Spain and Yugoslavia; autographs include Francisco Franco, Spanish general and dictator, signature as a cancel on a cover to the U.S.; King Boris III of Bulgaria, signed photo; Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, signed photo; Admiral Horthy, Hungary's regent and head of state, Autograph Note Signed in English, thanking a Mr. Bentley for sending him a copy of the Memoirs of Franz von Papen; Baron Karl von Mannerheim, Commander-in-Chief of Finland's Defense Forces, two Autograph Letters Signed, 1941 and 1944; and King Carol of Romania, signature on a postcard along with that of his brother Prince Nicholas.
Estimate 500 - 750
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