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1867 Grilled Issues on Cover
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Lot 128

1867, 3¢ rose, A. grill (79), natural straight edge, other sides with full perfs, tied by cork cancellation duplexed with "Buffalo N.Y. Aug 20" c.d.s. on illustrated "Pitts' Agricultural Works" corner card envelope to Alexandria, Va., Very Fine.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000

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Lot 129

1867, 3¢ rose, C. grill (83), tiny corner crease, tied by circle of wedges duplexed with "Kansas City Mo. Nov 27" c.d.s. on small cover to Shelby Basin, Mo.; opened at right, Very Fine and choice C. grill usage.
Scott $1,300

Expertization: 2003 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 130

1867, 3¢ rose, D. grill (85), tied by "Fondulac Wis. May 1" duplex on yellow envelope to Houseville, N.Y.; docketing affects stamp, opened at right, Fine and scarce use.
Scott $1,250

Expertization: 1989 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 131

1867, 2¢ black, Z. grill (85B), used with 1¢ blue (63), tied together by target cancellations on cover to Taunton, Mass., black "Somerset Ma Nov 4" c.d.s. overstruck with red "Boston Mass" c.d.s.; opened at right, Very Fine, a choice 2¢ Z. grill usage.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Expertization: 1984 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Grunin, Hawley
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Lot 132

1867, 2¢ black, Z. grill (85B), tied by blue New York city duplex on cover to local street address, a Very Fine usage.
Scott $1,550
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Lot 133

1867, 3¢ rose, Z. grill (85C), cancelled by four-rings on small cover to a doctor on the U.S.S. Vermont at New York N.Y., "Cedar Spring Md 1868 Feb 12" c.d.s.; stamp with flaw at bottom, cover with corner fault, Fine.
Scott $4,250


Expertization: 2004 A.P.S. Certificate.

Provenance: Rustad, Ishikawa, "Aristocrats"

There were three 3¢ Z. grill covers from Clear Spring, Md. mailed on different dates mentioned by Herzog in his article on matched covers (The Chronicle No. 107, Aug. 1980, pp. 187-88).

Discussed in Alan Berkun's "The 1867-68 Grilled Issues: The Experimental and First Regular Production Grills", First Days, Sep. 2003, p. 15.

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Lot 134

1867, 12¢ intense black, Z. grill (85E), hinged in place, pencil "12" beneath, cancelled by target duplexed with "Lowell Mass Mar 17 c.d.s. on 1868 orange cover to Halifax, England, red "New York Paid All Mar 18" c.d.s., reverse with "Halifax Mr 28 69" arrival c.d.s., light water stain, address slightly lightened, Fine and rare 12¢ Z. grill usage.
Scott $3,000

Expertization: 1987 P.F. Certificate.
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Lot 135

1867, 2¢ black, E. grill (87), tied by very fine strike of floral cancellation duplexed with "New York City Jul 25" c.d.s. on locally addressed folded bankruptcy notice, Extremely Fine.
Estimate 150 - 200
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Lot 136

1867, 1¢ blue, F. grill (92), well centered, tied by blue "Indianapolis Jan 12" c.d.s. on orange local cover, blue "Indiana National Bank" oval handstamp corner card, no flap, Very Fine.
Estimate 200 - 300
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Lot 137

1867, 3¢ red, F. grill (94), block of four, tied by circular grid cancellations duplexed with "Saratoga Springs N.Y. Apr 6" c.d.s. on yellow cover to Ireland, red "New York Paid All Apr 7" exchange c.d.s., reverse with "Ballymote AP 7 69" arrival c.d.s.; edge tear, Fine and scarce use of grilled multiple paying the 12¢ rate.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 138

1867, 3¢ red, F. grill (94 var.), vertical pair with diagonal foldover causing grill variety, strong grill impressions, used with normal pair and single, all tied by bold circle of wedges cancellations on 1869 cover to Paris, France, black "Boston '18' Feb 9" debit datestamp and matching "Insufficiently Paid" straightline, blue Calais (2.21) entry c.d.s. and large "16" décimes credit handstamp; cover reduced at right affecting one stamp, left stamp folded over edge, small faults, otherwise Fine and a scarce grill variety.
Estimate 300 - 400
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Lot 139

1867, 5¢ brown, F. grill (95), horizontal strip of three, used with two singles 3¢ ultramarine (114), trimmed along top margin, tied by faint magenta cancellations and trace of Milwaukee Wis. c.d.s. on orange registered cover to New York, N.Y., reduced to half its original size and repaired at top, an unusual franking paying double the 3¢ rate plus 15¢ registry fee.
Estimate 750 - 1,000

Expertization: signed by Ashbrook.

Provenance: Gibson, "European"
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Lot 140

1867, 24¢ gray lilac & 30¢ orange, F. grill (99, 100 [pair]), tied together by circle of wedges cancellations and indistinct red "Boston Paid May 18" exchange c.d.s. on Bissell correspondence cover to Ahmednuggur, India, red crayon "54/3" triple weight credit, red "London 30 My 69" transit with red "1d" colonial credit handstamp crossed out and updated to "3d", reverse with Sea Post and red Ahmednuggur (7.3) arrival c.d.s.; reduced slightly at top, pair slightly affected by creasing in cover, a Very Fine usage.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000


Provenance: "Lake Shore"
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Lot 141

1867, 30¢ orange, F. grill (100), used with 2¢ black, F. grill (93), two singles, cancelled by corks on Allen correspondence cover to Callao, Peru, Maine origin postmark, partial Jan. 1869 transit ties 2¢ singles, red "24" credit rating handstamp; reduced at right, light overall toning, Fine and scarce 34¢ rate grilled use.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Provenance: Hazelton
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Lot 142

1867, 30¢ orange, F. grill (100), straight edge single with guide line arrow at lower left, used with 1869 3¢ ultramarine (114) pair, all cancelled by matching targets on large court house cover to Oakville, Canada at six-times the 6¢ rate, partial "Dakota City Neb. June 1869" c.d.s., manuscript "via Sioux City Iowa" endorsement, Oakville (6.8.1869) receiving backstamp; file fold at center and reduced slightly at right, a Fine and rare usage of the 30¢ grilled on cross border mail.
Estimate 750 - 1,000

Expertization: 1999 P.F. Certificate.

Provenance: Robertson
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