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Miscellaneous Eder Balances
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Lot 327
JOSEPH EDER CO. BALANCE, Nine large cartons filled with loose album pages, glassines, approval cards, retail pages, covers, small stockbooks, etc., etc. Mainly from Eder's primary areas: Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, plus a little and miscellaneous Worldwide. We note a good deal of $10-$25 material scattered among the cheap stuff, this is really the ultimate "Mystery Lot" worth a thorough inspection.
Estimate 4,000 - 6,000
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Lot 328
Australia Collection, 1913-1990, an outstanding, intact collection on Davo hingeless album pages. Kangaroos include such highlights as 1913 10/-, 2nd Wmk 9d, 3rd Wmk 2d-1/-, 4th Wmk 6d-5/- and 5th Wmk 10/- and the KGV Heads include both 1/4 values NH. As a matter of fact, the owner apparently bought only "NH" but was occasionally fooled by some faint hinging (the two 10/-) and occasional regumming (the 5/-). The collection is basically complete from the 1932 Bridge issue onward; the Officials lack only O1-2 and are all NH; the Dues are equally impressive and include NH J1-7, J17 (LH), J27, J47, J60-62 and J71-95. A wonderful lot.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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