Sale 333

Harbour Auction

Miscellaneous Balances
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Lot 4274
Accumulation of Modern Coils and Booklets, About 45 booklets and 15 coil rolls plus a number partial rolls and loose panes, mainly 1950s-'70s with a few older including a partial roll of 2¢ imperf coils #384V (34), some light creases but nine VF, NH pairs and one L/P; also includes a roll of 500 2¢ #606; there is also a roll of 3000 6¢ #1305 and about 150 x 25¢ #1059A; Face value is about $800.
Estimate $600 - 800
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Lot 4275
Balance of Consignment, Two cartons with excellent value scattered throughout; lots of better items that never got mounted including especially, Locals, Revenues, Cut Squares, Modern Errors, and some binders of mint Postal Stationery Entires including EFOs. Also includes a little non-descript Foreign including an International Album and some miscellaneous covers. This one needs to be looked at closely in order to see all the value.
Estimate $1,000 - 15,000
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Lot 4276
Booklet and Coil Accumulation, Mainly 1960s Booklets, booklet panes and broken Coil rolls in glassines; includes some earlier premium like #502b w/plate no., few Prexies, BK84 miscut, C10a (5, 4 being LH, the 5th minor gum tones), BKC7 (2) & BKC8 (5), C51a (3), C60a (5), etc.; all F-VF, NH. Face value about $250.
Estimate $300 - 400
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Lot 4277
Balance of an Oldtime Collection, Three large cartons of shoe boxes and loose pages with everything from used plate blocks and used plate number singles to mint face and on-paper mixture, as well as some Foreign (including Japanese souvenir sheets) and United Nations; there are moderately better items scattered throughout so a careful inspection is recommended.
Estimate $750 - 1,000
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Lot 4278
Small Balance of Consignment, eight old auction lot cards including such things as an NH F1 plate number single, LH E1s of Cuba & Philippines, a 1914 multicolor advertising cover for Pluto Water, a group of minor varieties on mint postal cards UX5 (2) & UX7 (4) and an LH set of Canada's 1908 Quebec Tercentenary issue; virtually all F-VF.
Estimate $400 - 600
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