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Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War

Lincoln - The Presidential Years: 1861-1865
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Abraham Lincoln, clear free frank "A. Lincoln" as President on cover also addressed in his hand to Major Gen. Sandford in New York, N.Y., "Washington D.C. Apr 21, 1863" double-circle datestamp, reverse with no flap and small paper loss at left, Very Fine.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000


Expertization: signed by Gimelson in pencil.

This cover originally contained (no longer present) orders to Major Gen. Charles Sandford, Military Commander of New York City, to forward mail from a neutral country (England), taken in capture of a rebel packet boat.

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Lot 3083

Abraham Lincoln, Carte de Visite Photograph, classic Anthony Berger portrait, published by L. Nelson of Springfield Mass., with U.S. 1¢ Revenue stamp precanceled with Nelson's c.d.s.; small (1/8-inch) tear at right edge, otherwise Very Fine.
Estimate $100 - 150
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Lot 3084

Proposed Lincoln Payoff, well-written four-page letter datelined Memphis, Tenn, December 5, 1860, to wealthy New Yorkers Alexander T. Stewart, George Lan (?) and William B. Astor, suggesting that they conspire to pay Lincoln and running mate Hanibal Hamlin $100,000 each to resign and "save the country". "Congress will then elect a southern conservative man and all will again be well…the nation will shout until they are hoarse and build a Washington's Monument to the memory of the immortal Lincon [sic] who sacrificed the highest honor within the gift of the American people to save his beloved country." The writer goes on to give many reasons why his plan will work and signs simply "M.B." Very Fine and most interesting.
Estimate $300 - 400
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Lot 3085

"San Francisco Cal. Apr 14, 1862", d.c.d.s. with matching "Free" handstamp on yellow legal size cover front addressed to His Excellency, Abraham Lincoln, Pres. U.S., Washington D.C., docketing at left "West Point, Cadetship James Stephens of Oregon"; reduced slightly, Very Fine.
Estimate $200 - 300
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