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Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War

The Mails - Union and Confederate
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Lot 3107

Confederacy, "Beaufort S.C., Feb. 4, 1861", First Day of the Confederate States, clear strike of c.d.s. on small cover to Savannah Ga. bearing 3¢ dull red (26) tied by matching grid cancel; expert stain removal at top away from postmark and stamp, Very Fine appearance.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000

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Lot 3108

Confederacy, "Donaldsonville La. May 31", c.d.s. with matching grid cancelling U.S. 3¢ red (U26) star die entire to Manchac, La., docketed at left as received "June 1, 1861"; flap mostly missing, Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750


The Confederate Postal Service took in its states on June 1, 1861 and declared all Union postage invalid. This was mailed on the last day of validity, May 31, 1861.

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Lot 3109

Confederacy, New Orleans, La., 1861, 5¢ red brown (62X4), position 39, large margins all around, mottled Second Printing impression on blue paper, tied by bold "New Orleans La. 19 Oct." c.d.s. on 1861 cover to Port Gibson Miss.; part of backflap removed, Very Fine and choice usage.
Scott $425

Provenance: Emerson, Brooks,
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Lot 3110

Confederacy, Memphis, Tenn., 1861, 5¢ red (56X2), two covers, five days apart to the same captain, Capt. C. Frazer of the 21st Regiment Tenn. Volunteers in Columbus Ky., one with Memphis 5¢ provisional, cut to shape, and tied by "Memphis Ten. Dec. 18, 1861" c.d.s., other bearing 5¢ green, stone 1-2 (1) tied by December 21, 1861 c.d.s., some faults, Fine and interesting pair of Confederate covers showing Confederate general issues replacing the CSA provisional issues.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500

Provenance: Boshwit

A scarce pair of C.S.A. covers to western Kentucky. Columbus was evacuated by Confederate forces in March 1862.

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Lot 3111

Confederacy, 1862, 5¢ blue (4), three margins, slightly in at left, tied by red "Camden S.C. Jun 26" d.c.d.s. on cover to Flat Rock, N.C., 1862 docketing upper right; couple cover abrasions, F.-V.F.
Scott $375
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Lot 3112

Confederacy, 1861 Grant Hill Va. Postal Ledger, final postal accounting by the U.S. Post Office at Grant Hill for April 1, 1861 to May 31, 1861, Very Fine.
Estimate $300 - 400

Over 90% of the Southern Post Offices completed their duties and accounts, sending them north to Washington D.C. with net payment amount due to the Post Office Department.

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Lot 3113

Post Office Announcement of the 1861 Issue, setting forth by state the last dates upon which all current U.S. stamps and stamped envelopes would be valid for postage; Very Fine.
Estimate $100 - 150
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Lot 3114

1857, 3¢ dull red, type III (26), canceled by bold manuscript "X" and matching "Old Stamp No Good" note on yellow cover to Providence, R.I., apparently held for postage and 3¢ rose (65), s.e. at right, cancelled by grid, matching bold "Woodstock Ct. Dec 30" c.d.s.; barely reduced at right, Very Fine and scarce use of 3¢ 1857 after demonetization.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500

Expertization: reverse with Chase note.
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Lot 3115

Encased Postage, Ayer's Cathartic Pills, 1¢ short arrows (EP2), clear mica, fresh and Very Fine.
Scott $500

Expertization: 2006 PF Certificate.
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Lot 3116

Encased Postage, Take Ayer's Pills, 3¢ (EP9), clear mica, fresh and Very Fine.
Scott $400

Expertization: 2006 PF Certificate.
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Lot 3117

Encased Postage, J. Gault, 5¢ (EP96), mica a bit crazed and case slightly bent at bottom, otherwise Fine. Hodders & Bowers 131.
Scott $350
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Lot 3118

1862, 5¢-50¢ Postage Currency, imperf edges (PC5-PC8), fresh and Very Fine with no creases; also includes a 4th series 50¢ Stanton fractional currency note, bright and fresh with a faint vertical pressed crease.
Scott $445+
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Lot 3119

1861 (July 8) New Orleans, La. to Havre, France, folded letter smuggled to Le Harve, France, entered mails with France 20c blue Empire issue tied by dotted lozenge, "Paris 6 Aout 61" d.c.d.s., blue "Forwarded by J Barbe, Harve" framed handstamp, Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750

Letter on business tells of effort to smuggle north and avoid blockade, given to a passenger on board a French packet ship for carriage to Paris where entered the mails to Le Havre. Letter also tells of "hard fighting in Virginia".

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Lot 3120
Wells Fargo & Co., 1861, $1 red (143L3), four margins, just clear at top, cancelled by part of blue Well's Fargo Pony Express oval handstamp, light diagonal crease, fresh and F.-V.F.
Estimate $400 - 600
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Lot 3121

Wells Fargo & Co., 1862-64, 10¢ brown (143L7), three margins, touched at left, tied by "Wells, Fargo & Co., San Francisco, Sep. 9" blue double circle handstamp (Leutzinger type 11-4) struck twice on 1861 3¢ pink entire with black Wells Fargo frank and "California Hotel" printed corner card to Silver City, Nevada Territory, reverse with 1862 docketing; couple small edge tears and roughly opened at right, Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000

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Lot 3122

Adams Express Company Soldier's Package, envelope dated Dec. 25, 1862 with money ($225) from Lt. C. O'Neill of Co. B. 12th Ct. V. in New Orleans La. to his wife in New Haven, Conn., blue crayon "10"; opened at right, Fine.
Estimate $200 - 300
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Lot 3123

"Philada June 21 1861", dateline on one-page letter sent by American Letter Express Co., to Major John H. Billy at Bolivar, Tenn.; Very Fine.
Estimate $200 - 300

Interesting express content, "We send enclosed cuttings from Herald of to-day. Have the kindness to acknowledge, receipt of this, as we send it to test the reliability of the American Letter Express Co." Louisville who profess to forward letters when placed in funds for payment of Southern postage and ten cents in addition."

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