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Lot 34
The Alfred J. Lora Specialized Collection of the 1928 5¢ Beacon Airmail Stamp, includes mint: gem singles, numerous plate blocks including double "top" and no "top", complete sheets, several unfolded, vignette shifts, etc. Covers: comprised of approx. 700 covers, large number of First Day Covers (including cachets), first day of new rate, Flights,with over 75 Zeppelin flights (including C13-15 on 3 covers, each with 5¢ Beacon), FAMs, catapults, Lindbergh flown, spectacular frankings, fancy cancels of the period, advertising, Postage Due and Special Delivery usages, lots of destinations, etc., numerous PF Certs. An incredible assemblage, in all probability, the largest and finest formed and would surely garner awards if mounted and exhibited.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000
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Lot 35
Wine Topical Postal History Collection, over 150 covers, featuring mostly wines, some grapes, begins with two 18th Century items, letter to Madeira from U.S. ordering Madeira, and an embossed Rhode Island Revenue for tax on Sherry. Continues into 19th Century, with an 1813 letter advising shipment will be made when the Long Island Blockade is lifted, two Hanaford Express Post each with running pony cancellation, one a temperence letter (1847) and the other announcing the sale, by auction, of choice Madeira and Sherry belongng to Daniel Webster (1850); a great exhibition page. Numerous 19th Century ad covers, including a spectacular Speer's multicolor, overall ad cover, circa 1880, ex Gabriel (PF Cert), and then some more modern and foreign. Wonderful collection and an excellent basis for an exhibit.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 36
Native American Stamps and Covers, few hundred covers, many modern, but some early advertising, Indian Territory usages, couple Documents, some stamp varieties, a complete mint sheet of #565. Good start on this popular topic.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500
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Lot 37
Undertakers, Monuments, Hearses, collection of 50+ covers, mostly illustrated, few corner cards, mostly 19th Century, couple 1850s cameos, some quite unusual. An exhibit of this subject should prove to be quite a monumental undertaking.
Estimate 400 - 500
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Lot 38
Unused Civil War Patriotics, over 100, many flags, some scarcer, including a couple Magnus, some Bell, etc. Mostly Very Fine.
Estimate 500 - 750
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Lot 39
Salesmen's Postal Cards, over 500, arranged by issue; UX 3//27, announcing a visit by a salesman, huge variety of topics, many illustrated, some elaborate. Fabulous collection assembled over a 30 year period.
Estimate 4,000 - 6,000
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