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Lot 416

Fairly comprehensive collection, 1845-2009, mounted in nine Scott Platinum albums, highlights include a few 1851s and 1857s, good showing of 1861s, 1867 Grills, Bank notes, Commems almost complete (missing $1 and $4 Columbians), 1894-1902 high values, strong Washington-Franklins, Back of book including complete Airs, Special Delivery, Shanghai and Parcel Post, better Postage Dues, fine showing of Officials, an apparently complete set of Ducks. Condition is quite mixed, many of the earlies are without gum (but many to most do appear to be unused including #67
which is, though, extensively repaired), there are plenty of F-VF in the 20th century and even some NH surprises, and given the fine set of albums, could be a great start for a collector.
Estimate 7,500 - 10,000
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Lot 417
19th Century better quality collection, nearly 50 stamps, mostly different, including a few unused, highlights include 9X1, 14-15, 17, 36, 38, 40, 67, 75, 79, 112-21, 113 (o.g.), 133 (part o.g.), while there are a few minor flaws, they are indeed minor and many-most are F-VF, fresh and lovely lot, seven certs.
Estimate 2,000 - 3,000
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Lot 418

Unmounted balance of old-time collection, approximately 70 stamps and a couple of strips, highlights include 1, 16, 27-28, 29 (strip), 30, 39 (2), 67, 112-21, 244 (2), 293, etc. Mostly with flaws, many minor or a few questionable unused in the early period but plenty of attractive saleable items.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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Lot 419

High quality collection, 1880s-1940s, couple hundred stamps, highlights include 205, 211, 215-16, 274, 276, 294-99, 300-310, 315, 323-27, 369 (2), 397-404, 498-99, 501-518, 630 (2), 658-679, 832b, better Special Delivery, Q1-JQ5, an almost complete set of Ducks (RW1-3, 5-10 are nice), etc. Some minor flaws here and there, but majority are F-VF or better and there are some NH surprises, 25 certs.
Estimate 3,000 - 4,000
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Lot 420
Balance of Consignment, most unused, a very varied lot, including some nicer coils, the following with certs, 396 line pair, 447 line pair never hinged, 487 pair never hinged graded 95, better singles including 315 plate no. single, 325 never hinged (cert), 371 used plate block, 460 (cert), 803-34 plate blocks all seem never hinged ($5 slight acetate shine), 832b (2), 834 (graded 95 never hinged), C18 (2 singles and 2 blocks of 4), K16, JQ4 never hinged, condition a bit mixed though nothing too serious and plenty of F-VF.
Estimate 1,500 - 2,000
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Lot 421
Confederate States, selection of 13 stamps, including 56X1, 1-5, generally minor faults, #3 may be sound, original gum, attractive lot.
Estimate 400 - 500
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