Sale 284

Lot 1248

Fort Smith, Arkansas Territory, folded letter datelined "Ft. Smith, 28 Mar 22" to the Quartermaster General, Thomas S. Jesup in Washington, postmark red "Natz M1, Apr 24" c.d.s. with manuscript "f" for free on Official Army Business. F.-V.F. Cover was mailed from Natchez as there was no post office established at Ft. Smith until 1828. Articulate letter is from Fort Commander, Lt. Col. Abram Wooley, telling his views on various Indian tribes, in part "… it is said there are one hundred thousand Indians… west of the Mississippi, if this is true… ninety seven thousand of them are cowards" Wooley was a signatory to a treaty with the Mikah Tribe in 1825.
Estimate 1,000 - 1,500

Realized $1,600

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