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Wrapper, 1862, 1¢ blue on orange, die 1 (W22), mint entire, knife W1, U.P.S.S. #39 ($7250), strong embossing, bright paper showing the usual inclusion spots which is normal for this paper, folded as always, P.F. states "folded to reduce size". Very Fine. An exceedingly rare entire; the U.P.S.S. estimates that probably only five exist.
Scott $8,000

Expertization: 2000 P.F. Certificate.

An attached note from a well known postal stationery expert states in part "…it is a perfectly allowable folding for a wrapper; wrappers are sold either folded or (rarely if ever for W22) unfolded. The certificate wording I feel, should state only "genuine" or "genuine folded"; the slight refold is not significant".

Realized $5,250

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