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Netherlands East Indies, 1894 (Nov.) cover from Amsterdam to Batavia (Dec. 22), redirected to Semarang (Dec. 25) via Weltevreden (Dec. 23) and Cheribon (Dec. 24) refused for delivery and eventually returned to Amsterdam (Apr. 2, 1895), bearing 1c applied at origin and cancelled by c.d.s. with unframed "T" handstamp and "Ned.-Indie/Fransche Pakets" handstamp adjacent, Postage Due 5c pink and black cancelled at Semarang showing framed "Geweigerd/Refusé" and blue "Terug Afzender" handstamp adjacent, with Postage Due 5c blue and black cancelled at Amsterdam on its return, a little ragged at edges and small piece of back missing, highly unusual Postage Due "combination" cover.
Estimate 200 - 300

Realized $140

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