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Egypt, 1884 (Jan. 2) cover from Piacenza to Alexandria, posted unfranked and showing origin c.d.s. with framed "T" handstamp, bearing Postage Due 1884 (Jan. 1) first issue 5pi red (S.G. D61) tied by bilingual "Alexandrie" c.d.s. of "9.1.84", envelope has vertical filing crease, nevertheless Very Fine.
Estimate 5,000 - 7,500

Interestingly the 5 piastres charge is explainable only during this early period, since during the 30 day transitional period from January 1, 1884 of change of control from the Italian franchise to the Egyptian P.O. in Alexandria mail from Italy would pay a concessionary rate of 20 centesimi (32 paras) as opposed to 25 centesimi, and this is the only recorded cover from this concessionary period as well as the only rate structure and mathematical means of explaining the 5 piastres franking (triple weight cover- 3 x 32 paras x 2 = 192 paras which becomes 200 paras or 5 piastres under the rule of rounding up to nearest 10 paras). An highly important exhibition item

The earliest recorded use of an Egyptian Postage Due on cover and the only example of a 5 piastres Due recorded on cover.

Realized $5,500

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