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Lot 291

Canada High-Quality Mint Balance, stockbook containing nothing but desirable stamps from Small Queens to KGV issues (no Admirals). Virtually everything was selected for choice centering, the majoriy purchased as NH, though there are a very few regummed or LH. Includes a nice selection of Jubilees to the 10¢ two 6¢ and an 8¢ Maple Leaf, a 5¢ and two 7¢ Numerals, three Quebec Tercentenary sets (plus extra), #141-145 NH blocks, 158-159 and 176-177 NH, several Scroll and Arch issue plate blocks, 227 NH block & 5 singles, 262 two blocks, a plate block and 5 singles, 273, four blocks and two plate blocksE5 NH plate block (slightly jammed perfs), EO1 matched set of four plate blocks, etc., etc. Also includes a few Newfoundland like (all NH) C2, C6-8 (6+ sets), C12 and C13-17, and Nova Scotia #2-3 XF used. A fantastic lot.
Estimate 6,000 - 8,000

Realized $9,500

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