Sale 259

Harbour Auction

April 22-24, 2003


Lots 1-34   U.S. Collections
Lots 35-52   U.S. Collections
Lots 53-61   U.S. Plate Block Collections
Lots 62-70   U.S. Specialized Collections by Issue
Lots 71-91   U.S. Assortments and Groups
Lots 92-109   U.S. Mint Accumulations
Lots 110-129   Miscellaneous U.S. Accumulations
Lots 130-139   U.S. Dealer's Stocks
Lots 140-157   U.S. Postal Stationery
Lots 158-173   U.S. Revenue Collections
Lots 174-182   Combined U.S. & Foreign Lots
Lots 183-183   Confederate States
Lots 184-192   U.S. Possessions
Lots 193-201   U.S. Ephemera
Lots 202-207   Wagner's 20th Century Imperfs on Cover
Lots 208-212   U.S. Covers and Postal History
Lots 213-222   Postal History: Covers by State
Lots 223-226   Postal History: Military, Etc.
Lots 227-229   Picture Postcards
Lots 230-242   Miscellaneous Cover Groups and Stocks
Lots 243-244   Combined U.S. & Foreign Postal History
Lots 245-268   Foreign Covers and Postal History
Lots 269-306   Foreign by Country (Australia to Great Britain)
Lots 307-352   Foreign by Country (Helgoland to Vatican City)
Lots 353-372   One Man's Worldwide Collection
Lots 373-392   Foreign by Area
Lots 393-426   Worldwide Collections and Accumulations
Lots 1001-1034   U.S. Essays & Proofs
Lots 1035-1068   U.S. Stamps: Postmasters Provisionals and 1847 Issues
Lots 1069-1117   U.S. Stamps: 1851-1860 Issues (Scott Nos. 7-44)
Lots 1118-1154   U.S. Stamps: 1861-1867 Issues (Scott Nos. 62B-100)
Lots 1155-1205   U.S. Stamps: 1869 Pictorial Issue and Re-Issue (Scott Nos. 112-133)
Lots 1206-1253   U.S. Stamps: 1870-1879 Bank Note Issues (Scott Nos. 134-191b)
Lots 1254-1297   U.S. Stamps: 1881-1890 Bank Note Issues (Scott Nos. 205-227)
Lots 1298-1338   U.S. Stamps: 1893 Columbian Issue (Scott Nos. 233-245)
Lots 1339-1367   U.S. Stamps: 18941898 Issues (Scott Nos. 246-284)
Lots 1368-1385   U.S. Stamps: 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue (Scott Nos. 285-293)
Lots 1386-1422   U.S. Stamps: 1901-1909 Issues (Scott Nos. 294a-369)
Lots 1423-1468   U.S. Stamps: 1910-1914 Issues (Scott Nos. 374-421)
Lots 1469-1521   U.S. Stamps: 1914-1919 Issues (Scott Nos. 428-480)
Lots 1522-1559   U.S. Stamps: 1916-1923 Issues (Scott Nos. 484-547)
Lots 1560-1604   U.S. Stamps: 1922-1929 Issues (Scott Nos. 553-630)
Lots 1605-1634   U.S. Stamps: 1926-1987 Issues (Scott Nos. 631-2361a)
Lots 1635-1679   U.S. Stamps: Airmail Issues (Scott Nos. C1-C23a)
Lots 1680-1714   U.S. Stamps: Back-of-the-Book Issues (Scott Nos. CL1-JQ4)
Lots 1715-1754   U.S. Stamps: Postal Stationery Issues (Scott Nos. U3-U225)
Lots 1755-1801   U.S. Stamps: Postal Stationery Issues (Scott Nos. U240-UY10)
Lots 1802-1825   U.S. Stamps: Revenue Issues (Scott Nos. RB1d-WS2)
Lots 1826-1837   Confederate States Issues
Lots 1838-1849   U.S. Possessions Stamps
Lots 1850-1867   U.S. Postal History: States
Lots 1868-1880   U.S. Postal History: Postal Markings & Fancey Cancels
Lots 1881-1884   U.S. Postal History: Inland Waterways
Lots 1885-1914   U.S. Postal History: Free Frank-1895 Issues
Lots 1915-1948   U.S. Postal History: 1902-1940 Issues
Lots 1949-1980   U.S. Postal History: Coil Stamps on Cover
Lots 1981-2021   U.S. Postal History: Private Vending Coils on Cover
Lots 2022-2029   U.S. Postal History: Flat Plate Imperf Coil on Cover
Lots 2030-2034   U.S. Postal History: Booklet Panes and Singles on Cover
Lots 2035-2047   U.S. Postal History: Groups by Issue
Lots 2048-2074   U.S. Postal History: Pioneer Airmails
Lots 2075-2099   U.S. Postal History: Back-of-the-Book
Lots 2100-2126   Confederate States Postal History
Lots 2127-2162   George Wagner Collection of Used 20th Century Imperfs (Scott Nos. 315-373)
Lots 2163-2189   George Wagner Collection of Used 20th Century Imperfs (Scott Nos. 373-575)
Lots 2190-2197   George Wagner Stamp Balances by Issue
Lots 2198-2236   George Wagner Collection of 20th Century Imperfs on Cover (Scott Nos. 314-346)
Lots 2237-2281   George Wagner Collection of 20th Century Imperfs on Cover (Scott Nos. 368-373)
Lots 2282-2343   George Wagner Collection of 20th Century Imperfs on Cover (Scott Nos. 383-611)
Lots 2344-2356   General Foreign: Ascension-Cambodia, British Columbia, Newfoundland
Lots 2357-2385   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada's 3¢ Small Queens
Lots 2386-2391   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada Errors, Freaks & Oddities
Lots 2392-2410   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada Cancellations and Postal Markings
Lots 2411-2443   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada Covers to Overseas Destinations & U.S.
Lots 2444-2465   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada Cancels, Postal Markings & Unusual Usages
Lots 2466-2480   Ronald I. Ribler: Canada Advertising Covers
Lots 2481-2523   General Foreign: Canada (Scott Nos. 35-65)
Lots 2524-2547   General Foreign: Canada (Scott Nos. 85a-O49) & Covers
Lots 2548-2592   General Foreign: Cayman Islands-Fr. So. & Antarctic Terr.
Lots 2593-2621   General Foreign: German S.W. Africa-Greenland
Lots 2622-2663   General Foreign: Hong Kong-Israel
Lots 2664-2705   General Foreign: Italy-New Guinea
Lots 2706-2729   General Foreign: New South Wales
Lots 2730-2762   General Foreign: North West Pacific Islands-Papua New Guinea
Lots 2763-2799   General Foreign: Port. Colony-Macao-Tasmania
Lots 2800-2840   General Foreign: Thailand-Zanzibar

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