Sale 278

U.S. Stamps and Worldwide Collections and Large Lots

September 4, 2004


Lots 1-33   U. S. Collections
Lots 34-51   U.S. Assortments and Accumulations
Lots 52-71   U.S. Dealer's Stocks
Lots 72-83   U.S. Mint "Face" Lots
Lots 84-93   U.S. Postal Stationery
Lots 94-95   Confederate States
Lots 96-103   U.S. Possessions
Lots 104-121   U.S. Covers & Postal History By Issue
Lots 122-144   U.S. Covers & Postal History By Usage
Lots 145-156   U.S. First Day Covers
Lots 157-262   British Empire Collections By Country
Lots 263-305   British Empire Collections By Region
Lots 306-463   General Foreign Collections By Country
Lots 464-519   Scandinavia
Lots 520-553   General Foreign Collections By Region
Lots 554-597   Worldwide Collections
Lots 598-614   Worldwide Accumulations
Lots 615-667   Worldwide Covers & Postal History
Lots 668-674   Worldwide Dealer's Stocks
Lots 675-687   Worldwide Miscellaneous Assortments
Lots 688-705   Worldwide Topicals

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