Sale 309

United States Stamps and Postal History

November 10-11, 2006


Lots 1-16   The "Lincoln" Collection, 15c Black Essays, Proofs and Specimens
Lots 17-27   The "Lincoln" Collection, 15c Black Stamps
Lots 28-111   The "Lincoln" Collection, 15c Black Cancellations and Postal History
Lots 112-160   The "Lincoln" Collection, 90c Pictorial Essays and Proofs
Lots 161-185   The "Lincoln" Collection, 90c Pictorial Stamps
Lots 186-190   The "Lincoln" Collection, 90c Pictorial 1857 Re-Issue
Lots 191-199   The "Lincoln" Collection, 5c Blue Essays and Proofs
Lots 200-217   The "Lincoln" Collection, 5c Blue Stamps
Lots 218-270   The "Lincoln" Collection, 5c Blue Postal History
Lots 271-305   Thomas F. Allen, Cleveland, Ohio General Domestic Usages
Lots 306-309   Thomas F. Allen, Cleveland, Ohio Railroads
Lots 310-317   Thomas F. Allen, Cleveland, Ohio Express Companies
Lots 318-324   Thomas F. Allen, Cleveland, Ohio Carriers and Locals
Lots 325-339   Thomas F. Allen, Cleveland, Ohio Foreign Mail
Lots 340-369   David Watt Three-Cent 1851-57, The Orange Browns of 1851
Lots 370-441   David Watt Three-Cent 1851-57, The 1852-57 Shades
Lots 1001-1044   United States Postal History
Lots 1045-1067   Postmasters' Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 1068-1107   1851-57 Issue
Lots 1108-1151   1857-61 Issue
Lots 1152-1192   1861-67 Issues
Lots 1193-1237   1869 Pictorial Issue
Lots 1238-1271   1870-88 Bank Note Issues
Lots 1272-1300   Balance of Nineteenth Century
Lots 1301-1369   Twentieth Century Stamps
Lots 1370-1375   Airmails and Special Delivery
Lots 1376-1390   Postage Dues and Offices in China
Lots 1391-1403   Officials, Newspapers and Parcel Post
Lots 1404-1411   Postal Stationery
Lots 1412-1416   Revenues
Lots 1417-1419   U.S. Possessions

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