Sale 335

The Eliot A. Landau Collection
The 6¢ Lincoln Large Bank Note Issues

March 4, 2011


The Four Seasons Hotel, 57 East 57th Street, New York City

    Session 1: The Eliot A. Landau Collection
    Friday, March 4, 2011, at 4:30 PM at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York
    Essays, Proofs and Specimens
Lots 1-27   Essays
Lots 28-57   Proofs and Trial Colors
Lots 58-60   Specimens
    Issued Stamps
Lots 61-84   Regular Issues
Lots 85-103   Fancy Cancels Off Cover
Lots 104-122   NYFM Cancels Off Cover
Lots 123-124   Stamps with Other Foreign Cancels
Lots 125-132   Stamp Collection Balances
    Postal History
Lots 133-150   Domestic Usages
Lots 151-163   Domestic Registered Usages
Lots 164-167   Fancy Cancels
Lots 168-175   Domestic Group Lots
    Foreign Mail
Lots 176-195   To the Americas
Lots 196-272   To Europe
Lots 273-280   To Africa
Lots 281-288   To Australia and the Pacific
Lots 289-291   From Asia
Lots 292-302   To Asia
Lots 303-309   Foreign Mail Group Lots

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