Sale 299

Lot 249

South West Africa 1916-1939 extensive collection of converted German cancellers, extensive collection consisting of approximately 65 covers, eight cards and seven pieces with stamps, including Albrechts, Aus Rail, Aroab (2), Berglands (2), Bethany (3), Brackwasser, Ekuja (piece), Erundu, Gibeon, Guchab (2), Hatsamas (piece), Kalkfeld (2, including 1928 usage), Kanus (plus c.d.s. red on piece), Kaps Farm (piece), Karibib, Kolmanskop (2), Kub, Kuibis, Neuheusis, Maltahohe (3), Mariental (2), Otavifontein (2), Omaruru (2, including a 1933 usage), Ondonga, Outjo (4), Seeis, Tses, Tsumeb, Ukamas, Usakos, Warmbad and Witvley (2, including a 1938 usage), showing a wide variety of usages, including censored, registered, international and official mail, a comprehensive and highly desirable collection, including many scarce towns, nearly all Very Fine, while there are a few later items, nearly all are likewise from the period before 1923.
Estimate 12,000 - 15,000